John Bezark is an Interactive Designer!

What does that mean? It means he likes to use creative coding platforms to develop experiences and tools which artists and audiences get to… well… interact with! John uses MAX/MSP/Jitter, Three.js, Node.js, Unity, After Effects, MadMapper and a whole bunch of other software to create intelligent and visually compelling experiences that listen and respond to users in exciting new ways. This all might sound a little vague, so to clarify things John has compiled a running list of interactive tools and experiences he has developed.


This is Boring

This is Boring is a Web based interactive experience that was developed as a part of jenny&john for the 2017 Digital Fringe Festival. It was created with hand drawn illustrations from Jenny Kessler and was built by John in Three.js (a webGL javascript library). The project was a contemplation on boredom and our constant need for stimulation through the lens of a fake Instagram feed. It is an experience that was designed and which only works on a smartphone. Check it out here!

The Symposium of Spirits

The Symposium of Spirits was a reverse murder mystery party where guests showed up as ghosts and had to figure out the mystery of their deaths! For this event John created a custom web server that texted the individual guests and sent them clues and mini-games via their smart phones. He even created a seance game where groups of players gathered around a Ouija board and tried to spell words while a designated psychic used their phone to control the ‘psychic planner’. The psychic planner was projected onto an actual Ouija board in the room and the final result was very cool! While there is not documentation of the actual event, the video below demonstrates a test of the game.

The web-browser window on the right is what the psychic would have seen on their smartphones and the spooky circle on the left is what was projected onto the ouija board in the space. John used a websocket and p5.js script to create the web-pages,  a Node.js server to text players and send them custom web-pages and MAX and jitter to control the system and project the spooky images!

Thinking Dance ChoreoBASH Twitter Slideshow

For this event John created a randomly generated slideshow that was always different, and used Node.js and Twitter’s API to listen to tweets in realtime. Whenever someone tweeted a picture with the event’s designated hashtag that picture would immediately wind up in the slideshow! Below is a demo video.

Go To Sleep

For this project John was hired by Obvious Agency to help create an interactive and immersive experience where audience members individually entered a recreation of a bedroom. As they explored the space and interacted with different objects, different live sound and video would appear in the space. John was hired as the Video Designer and he created a live video mixing system that could respond to whatever the audience member decided to do. Below is a video of a full play through of the project.


Like what you see?

John is always interested in working on new projects with new people! Click here to get in touch!